Office Cleaners Direct is a professional cleaning company in Kingston with a great experience in serving commercial and business clients. We focus on helping the business and industrial branch with our experience in popular professional cleaning and maintenance services as well as more specific services such as window cleaning, floor maintenance, floor waxing, etc. We are motivated to deliver the highest quality in cleaning and maintenance service and also a high level of customer care, respect and attention. Each and every member and employee working with Office Cleaners Direct recognises really well the value of quality, consistency, reliability, loyalty and the fact that our customers and clients and their requirements and needs are in first place for us and our main priority.

Top quality cleaning and excellent results

We understand very well how important the human factor is. Cleaning is a job done by people. And especially for the commercial, business and industrial sector, where our job requires even more responsibilities and consistency, we believe that only highly motivated and well-trained people and employees can deliver the high quality our company is known for and our reputation is based on. We invite only reliable and qualified people to work with our company. We invest a lot in their training and give them the opportunity to work according to innovative and advanced systems and methods developed and designed by us with the help of the knowledge we have accumulated for so many years. We also give the opportunity to our people to work with extra quality equipment and products that are very powerful and effective and ensure timely performance. We make sure that our employees naturally recognise the fact that each and every client have to be treated with extra attention, respect and understanding. We train our members to recognise the main values of our company and that these values and credos are the best way to grow as a professional and as a caring expert. But what we find is the most important advantage of our cleaning professionals is the fact that before anything else, they are people, highly motivated, highly talented people with a lot of potentials. They all put their hearts in everything they do and that is why they always succeed and achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

Designing the best cleaning packages in your area

Why professional cleaning services for commercial, business and industrial clients in Kingston? From the beginning, we at Office Cleaners Direct knew that we want to help people and especially people in the business branch, which is characterised by a lot of hectic, lack of time and busy schedules. We knew that professional cleaning and maintenance services are a great way to be helpful and useful and we focused in the commercial area, serving to clients and customers that are in extreme need, people with way too busy schedules, professionals with a lot of tasks and duties to worry about and deal with. We wanted to organise a cleaning service for everyone in need that is characterised by consistent quality and a lot of reliability, we have picked very trustworthy people to perform it, so there will be no need for supervising and everyone does the job the way it should be done, never compromising with quality and our high standards, because this means betraying the clients that put trust in us. And we have managed to achieve that! Office Cleaners Direct enjoy a great reputation in Kingston and even more than that – we enjoy the fact that hundreds of clients are completely satisfied and happy with our professional cleaning services.