Unless you are a part of a professional windows cleaning, or a part of a building cleaning and maintenance team, then you are most probably not familiar with the secrets of the perfect, sparkling and streak-free window and glass cleaning. No, we do not blame you at all, after all, you haven’t been trained, neither you have all those amazing tools that make window cleaning easy like a piece of cake. However, if you clean the windows of your home, or office by yourself and without any professional help, then you know the struggle. How are you supposed to make these windows, glass surfaces and mirrors sparkling clean, when all the streaks ruin all your efforts?! Well, here is how!

In order to do a great job, you don’t need hi-tech tools and special skills, everything you need is two home-made solutions that will save your life. Besides being very effective, these glass cleaning solutions are also very easy to make and very cheap, because they are made out of products you can find in anyone’s home.

Mirrors, glass and other shiny surfaces are just a magnet for greasy fingerprints and all other sorts of dirt. The problem with the conventional glass cleaners you can find on the shelves in every supermarket and department store is that they are not that efficient in cutting the grease and stubborn dirt, or at least they take too long to get dirt and grime loosen. But not anymore, not in case you try these two hand-made receipts!

Everything you need for making the perfect glass-cleaner is a ½ gallon of water, ½ cup ammonia, 16 oz. rubbing alcohol and 1 teaspoon of a dishwashing soap. The supplies you need are a gallon jug for mixing the solution and a spray bottle. Then pour all the ingredients listed in the jug and be sure to add the soap last, otherwise, you will end up with too much foam. Fill the jug the rest of the way with water. Then gently shake the jug and pour an amount of the mixture into the spray bottle. Now you are ready to clean all glass and shiny surfaces to perfection and without the nasty streaks left, because they ruin the whole appearance. This cleaner will make a short work of the grease and grime built up.

If you are looking for completely natural glass cleaning formula, then the second receipt is for you. With this receipt, you will get a natural glass cleaner as effective as any other conventional cleaner in the store. The ingredients you need include white vinegar and bottle and one spray bottle in addition. Simply mix equal amounts of water and white vinegar. It will be even better if you use distilled water because it lacks all the minerals that may leave some residue. White vinegar is an amazing product because it cuts quick into the stubborn stains, water stains and grease and makes dirt loosen.