And the Oscar for the best office cleaner and organiser goes to… Well, if you are really that OCD and you really want that prize in your life, then be sure to have a look at our recommendations, tips and tricks for how to have an extra clean and fresh workplace for under a few minutes every day!

These year’s Oscars night is already a part of the history, but today we are here to talk about another type of winning an award, if we have to be more exact – how to achieve and create a workplace that wins you the most important award – the sympathy of your clients, visitors and customers. No matter the field and area you are working in, no matter, if you are offering goods, ideas or services, the way your workplace looks and appears to your clients, is one of the most important parts of your business. You may be a real professional, really creative, inspiring and a pioneer in what you do, but if you are not able to present your ideas and projects in their best light, then the chance to get the admiring for your ideas the way you deserve is reduced significantly. And what better thing to start than paying attention to the place, where you exactly present your ideas, talents and innovations – your workplace.

This won’t be surprising for you, but clients and customers pay a lot of attention to your workplace and they base their first (and most lasting) impressions on the way they feel when visiting your workplace. A tidy and neat workplace is just another way to demonstrate your professionalism, perfectionism and attention to details, so do not underestimate the power and potential of this part of your business, especially if you are working in a branch, where you have to meet a lot of people daily.

We know that with the current conditions on the market and almost all business branches, hiring a professional industrial cleaning, janitorial cleaning or building maintenance services can be a real killer of enthusiasm. More and more business managers find hiring a professional commercial cleaning company just another way to spend money they cannot justify. Although we would always recommend asking the professionals for help, there are ways that you can maintain a decent cleanliness and order at the office, without spending that extra money, so here is a short and efficient routine you can consider:

  • Start with making sure that maintaining a decently clean and free of dust desk (including everything on the desk and in the drawers) is something that any member of your team and any employee can do at least once a week and can be responsible for. After all, a quick dusting and maintaining a certain order is not that hard at all and won’t take more than 2-3 minutes every day.
  • Pay attention to the floor. No matter if it comes to a hard floor or a carpet, make sure it is vacuumed on a weekly basis. Pay special attention to hardwood floors and invest into restoring and re-finishing them at least once a year.
  • Toilet areas and kitchen areas are a bit of a hard time because you cannot make your employees clean them weekly (it is not their responsibility and their job). After all, if everyone in the office is really keen on teamwork and doing this area without extra help from the professionals, then make a schedule, so anyone can help. Otherwise, you can hire a professional team for weekly doing the job, which will not cost that much. The same applies for window cleaning.