Today we are talking about office cleaning and how to do it without professional help. But today’s office cleaning topic is a bit different because we are talking about your home office. That is right, more and more people nowadays are working from home and this is great, but we often forget that work from home is practically the same thing as working from an office far from home and still requires a lot of tasks and responsibilities, one of them being maintained in good condition and appearance. Of course, you may be tempted by asking for a professional help. In fact, we are confused what type of service you have to hire – house or office cleaning one? Still, if you want to know what a professional would do and how to have the same schedule and follow the same professional checklist to keep your workplace tidy and functional, then keep reading.

Start with getting well-organised, because the organisation is a life-saver, especially at the office. An organised workplace is a reflection of organised thoughts, and organisation always guarantees higher productivity and more inspiration. Treat organising as your routine, because mess and clutter are really easy to accumulate for a few hours and over and over again. Things tend to get a little bit wild at any office and the home office is not an exclusion. Papers, documents and bills tend to make a big pile of clutter and mess, starting to overwhelm you a lot. There are ways to conquer the clutter: you can install wall shelves if the storage place in your office is not enough for good organisation and dedicate those shelves for books and papers; hide the mess in cabinets and drawers and make sure you have enough workspace free of clutter; set up a dry erase board for things that you won’t need a long-term, like for example to-do lists.

Once you are done with setting organisation rules and standards at your office and you get rid of the clutter, there is time for a good clean. Cleaning should go much smoother now: once all surfaces and worktops are de-cluttered and all pens and other little items are collected and hidden, spray an all-purpose cleaner and wipe down the dust and dirt accumulated; don’t forget to dust the keyboard, computer, lamp and all electronics, because they are a magnet for dust and dirt; you can also wipe down some of the most-used surfaces with disinfectant additionally for extra sanitising.

Maintenance is as important as it will be at your workplace, even if you are not surrounded by co-workers. How to keep a good maintenance and order? First of all, wiping down the surfaces on a daily basis is highly recommended for a good maintenance and allergens-free indoor environment. Don’t forget to hand vacuum your chair and the floor around your desk too. That way you prevent dust build-ups you will be in direct contact with the whole day.