Ahh, there is hardly anything better than sleek and shiny wood floors and furniture pieces. Well, in fact, there are a lot of better things, but does anyone not enjoy the clean shine of wood and how this can make your whole house and workplace look extremely clean, inviting and well-maintained. The power of clean-looking wood doesn’t have to be underestimated and neglected at all, because it looks amazing and also very professional when you have a beautiful arrangement of shiny wood surfaces and furniture pieces over a sleek and clean floor. Cleaning wood is not the easiest thing in the whole world, but it really pays off if you spend a certain amount of time and energy on the project. First of all, wood is a great feature and detail in any space and no matter if in the form and shape of furniture, decorations, flooring, etc. Wood has this amazing ability to suit any style and make any room look amazing with its simple and unbeatable beauty. In addition, wood is a natural and very long-lasting product. It makes very sturdy floors and very solid furniture pieces that last decades, if not hundreds of years. And all that if the wood is well-maintained. Maintaining a clean and beautiful look and also flawless condition may require a specific routine, but definitely not an extremely complex and time-consuming one.

The main things you have to know when cleaning wooden floors and furniture pieces is that fact that water and moisture are among the most serious enemies of wood. While cleaning, reduce the amount of excess water as much as possible. Wood also requires specific cleaning products and not your typical all-in-one multipurpose sprays you can buy from the local supermarket. Making sure you follow the expert’s recommendations or hiring a professional wood floor cleaning company is the way to maintain a flawless look and long-lasting protection.

The great wood shine comes with wood polishing. Wood polishing is great and highly recommended for both flooring and furniture. It adds not only a beautiful shine and more expensive look but also adds protection of wood’s colour and texture. Polishing is a simple process of refreshing, as we love to call it. It definitely gives a refreshed look to even old and tired wood pieces. However, the polishing products you can find on the market are very often heavy chemicals that are toxic and can lead to skin irritations and many other issues. Especially when it comes to commercial places and workplaces that are visited by many people daily, heavy chemicals and toxic ingredients have to be reduced to a minimum for a healthier and safer indoor environment.

A quick and easy way to reduce the number of toxic ingredients used for polishing wood floors and furniture pieces is by using a home-made polishing product that contains a lot of natural or safe products. That way you can achieve amazing results and make one natural polishing product is very easy and affordable. For making your own polisher, simply polish the wooden surfaces with olive, almond or walnut oil. Alternatively, you can mix olive oil with vinegar or lemon juice and then polish furniture pieces with the mixture and dry cloth. As you can see, it is easy and very natural and we recommend it!

If you are considering hiring a professional building cleaning service be sure to ask the technicians to pay special attention to wooden surfaces and treat them correctly. Floor waxing is also highly recommended for wooden floors because the treatment ensures not only a polished look but also adds protection.