With the start of the new school year, many students move out of home to begin their new life and start their way to a new career and their bright feature. Many students prefer to spend their first and any other year living on student campuses to the university or college they study at instead of hiring a tenancy from a landlord and estate agent. First of all, student campuses are way cheaper in most of the cases and since students don’t work, in general, this is a great alternative. And even better, student campuses are a great fun, a place to meet and have fun with young people your age with common interests. However, everyone knows that most of the young people are not very precise and interested, when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.

Partly because the campus is their first time leaving outside their family house and they simply don’t have the habit and the needed skills to keep their place tidy and in order and partly because no one has the time and enthusiasm to deal with household tasks. And here is where a professional commercial and domestic cleaning company can help. Why? Because a company with experience in domestic and commercial cleaning can offer the best from the both worlds – great domestic treatment to make the place feel cozy like home and also great commercial treatment in order to meet all standards and regulations.

The facts are facts – a recent study reveals that the average student’s floor contains more bacteria than a public toilet seat and this is pretty much not everything that you have to neglect and ignore. After all, a dirty and messy student room and campus common areas like bathrooms and kitchen areas are not only not pleasant to look at, but also a very unhealthy indoor environment to live at. The same study reveals even worse situation when it comes to the kitchen area floors. Over 6 million bacteria could be found on the student accommodation and campus’ floors and let’s be real, most of the students wouldn’t be even scared by this study and still not ensure they have the proper maintenance and cleaning routine.

We understand all these young people, because with the busy schedule most of them have, cleaning is not even on the bottom of their priority lists, although it is hands down a big necessity. In order to make sure every student lives in a sparkling clean and sanitised environment, we offer a bespoke and very thorough deep cleaning. Paying attention to every detail and not ignoring a single corner and nook is part of the job of the professionals, however if you are concerned about some trouble areas you don’t know how, or just don’t want to deal with, be sure to point them out to the cleaning specialists and they will do the hard job for you.

Although students are often way too busy focusing on their main responsibilities at the university or college, the amount of bacteria found on the campus’ floors is simply shocking and there is no place for so much dirt and allergens in a place, where young people leave. The best solution is hiring professional commercial cleaning company.