Spring is almost around the corner and we want to feel the cheerful and sunny mood with every cell in our body. But a big part of our spring mood depends on the indoor environment, we spend the most of our time in. Normally this would be our home and our workplace. While our home is a subject of thorough and intensive spring cleaning and maintenance for the upcoming season, we often forget that our work is our second home and it needs our attention, care and love too.

Of course, when it comes to the workplace, there is a certain policy, schedule and scheme at the office, restaurant or wherever you are working at. Regular cleaning and maintenance is a subject of the policy the business managers and the managers of the place are settled on and also a subject of a limited budget in most of the time. Because of that a few inexpensive ideas, a bit of inspiration and a bit of help from all employees and co-workers are always welcomed. The way your workplace is cleaned depends on the decisions your manager takes, but how you are going to help and what you are going to give for the overall mood and atmosphere is totally up to you, so be sure to be inspired for refreshing your workplace a bit, so you and your co-workers will feel more inspired, more motivated and with increased productivity for the new season.

A fresh new coat of paint

Let’s start with some major changes (not that major really, but something that is not a part of the regular janitorial cleaning services and office building cleaning and building maintenance services). A fresh new coat of paint is able to completely refresh the whole office and increase productivity just because of the fact that it will inspire everyone. Pick a new colour, or if you have to stick to a certain colour-scheme and style, then refresh the old one with a new coat. Of course, this is more on the time-consuming side, but we are sure that the whole team can come up with a schedule that won’t interrupt the working process.

Add a few plants

Nothing speaks spring mood more like a few pots with fresh plants. Greenery is great for any workplace because it adds a lot of life and freshness and is please for the eyes. Place a few pots with flowers and plants on the desks, in the common areas and even at the reception, your clients will notice them for sure.

Buy fun organisation containers

Not really that fancy and expensive really, especially if you have to stick to a certain colour-scheme and style, but you can always bring a bit of a spring mood and set a cheerful atmosphere with a few colourful containers for stationary and so.

Dust and vacuum around daily

We know that working life can get seriously hectic and even crazy sometimes, but a regular maintenance of your desk and your office can help you enjoy an organised, clean and overall comfortable and pleasant environment all the time, so take a few minutes every day to clean up a bit, dust and vacuum around.