Although most of the commercial companies, firms and businesses often benefit from professional services like janitorial cleaning services, building cleaning services and building maintenance, being an employee and working at the office doesn’t mean that you do not have to have the desire to work and spend the most of your day at a comfortable and inspiring place that will increase our productivity and make your time spent at work significantly more enjoyable. Overall, being an employee doesn’t mean you have to scrub and vacuum around every day, but there are a few easy and simple things you can do to maintain your surrounding indoor environment less dusty, more healthy and more convenient. Here is what you can do on a daily, or at least weekly basis:

  • Keep a can of air duster handy. In indoor spaces with many people on a daily basis, dust is such a big issue. Considering the fact how much time you spend inside the office, avoiding dust as much as you can is very important because dust is not only unpleasant to look at, but also very unhealthy and often a reason for a number of allergies and irritations. Do not forget to clean your keyboard and telephone keys from the attracted dust too. The air duster is great to clean and dust hard to reach areas and smaller nooks and corners.
  • If you work with a mouse that has a roller ball at the bottom do not forget to remove the roller ball out from time to time and use the air duster to clean out the trapped dust. Clean the roller ball with a damp cloth, dry it off thoroughly and then insert back.
  • Use an antistatic cleaning and dusting spray for cleaning the monitor of the computer and scanner glass. Never spray directly onto the surface, spray always on a cloth and then wipe down. Make sure you use an oil- and wax-free product.
  • Microfiber cloths are your best friend, so keep them handy for a quick everyday dusting. The dust has to be removed every day, especially from the surface of electronics and equipment. The microfiber cloth will collect almost the whole amount of dust.
  • Keep a bottle of disinfectant in your drawer and use it every now and then to sanitise the keyboard, the mouse, the telephone receiver, etc. Make sure your computer is off when you clean it to prevent issues and problems. Spray the disinfectant on a cloth and then gently wipe down.
  • Throw away junk mail immediately, otherwise, you will be too lazy, or too busy to do this later, or you will forget. That way the useless junk and paper will create a clutter on your desk, making it uncomfortable for you to carry on with your work.
  • Throw or give away old computer manuals and software you do not use anymore to prevent clutter. You can give old books you do not need to second-hand stores or donate them.