Many people put off window cleaning as far away in future as possible. In fact, window cleaning is definitely not a favourite household chorus for anyone, or there are some people actually enjoying it? We highly doubt that there are real people not finding window cleaning as a real struggle. Many people truly hate window cleaning, because they are making the same mistakes over and over again, without even knowing that there is simpler and easier way to achieve impressive results. However, no one is giving up on this, although it is a real struggle to achieve a perfect and spotless look, because everyone, really everyone enjoys a sparkling clean and shiny window. After all, it adds that specific atmosphere of a light, airy, spacious and extra clean space.

Now, today we are going to share with you a few helpful tips and tricks that will make window cleaning if not more pleasant, at least easier thing to do. Before starting with our recommendations and suggestions, let us tell you that if you truly are not that keen on the idea of spending at least an hour on scrubbing, and washing, and wiping windows and glass doors and surfaces, then professional window cleaning service is always an option. There is always some kind of option and solution in your area and you are going to enjoy it for sure. After all, someone is making this hard work for you and you have free time to relax, or mind your own business and at the end, you are getting the desired fresh and clean look. Professional window cleaning service is also highly recommended for business clients, because it won’t take a single second from their busy schedule wasted and it will provide truly professional and spotless look.

Crystal clean windows can be easily achieved, when you use the right tools for the purpose. You must use professional squeegees, soap and applicators. If not, be sure to try a lot of options and find the one that works the best for you. Some people even use a bit of water and a piece of newspaper to rub it off and swear by this. Find your own effective way, window cleaning is not only a bottle of spray and a cloth.

We recommend you start the job with a clean scrubber, or lambs wool applicator, or sponge, or whatever you are using. A dirty applicator can leave dirt behind. Then, clean the scrubber frequently, if you are cleaning many windows. Never wash windows in direct sunlight, otherwise, this would be a never-ending story, because you are constantly going to see the smallest dust particles. In addition, the sun can overheat the glass and cause streaking problems.

Hold your cleaning tool at an angle, so the water runs down the glass. You don’t want water flowing from both sides of your sponge, for example, right? After each squeegee stroke, you must wipe the rubber blade with a cloth. Placing a wet squeegee on the window glass will leave marks that are hard to remove. When first washing the window with the scrubber, be sure to use a fair amount of water (or water mixed with cleaning product). This is the way dirt to come off easily and almost entirely. Remember, there will always be water marks and spots at the edge of the window pine, don’t forget about them and wipe them off as you wipe off the window glass. You can use a lint-free cloth to remove the marks from the entire window frame.