Well, it is time to talk a little bit more for the most intensive and thorough cleaning processes of them all – post construction cleaning! We guess that everyone has to be in this situation at some point in their lives and it is not enjoyable at all. Following a weekly, even daily care and maintenance routine is time-consuming and boring enough, however, post construction cleaning is way more time-consuming, boring, intensive, complex, etc. We don’t want to make you feel denial the renovation service you have just started in Kingston at your workplace, industrial and business building, however, we want to make sure you understand how important the professional help and advice are in this situation!

Post construction cleaning is often not included in the service package many renovations, re-decorating and refurbishment companies offer in Kingston and in fact, even if it is offered, it is often not provided with the way it should be. The builders will remove the majority of the debris and dirt, but they won’t remove it all. Leaving you to deal with paint splashes, stains, stubborn dirt, allergens and dust is something common, however, you don’t have to deal with this at all, because it is our job! We at Office Cleaners Direct work for years on such an intensive project and already have enough experience and knowledge accumulated to guarantee the best quality of post construction cleaning service in the business and industrial area in Kingston!

The cleaning service that helps businesses

We can approach every project we undertake the best way. Although we believe that every project and every property is individual and needs and requires an individual approach, tailored treatment and respect to the personal desires and requirements of the owner, we also know that every post construction cleaning service has a lot in common with the others, previous ones we have worked on in Kingston. In general, the most important part of the treatment is making sure not a single dust and debris particle, not a single dirt build-up is left, because this will ruin not only the look of your newly renovated property (and it happens to ruin the condition also) but the debris and residue left are also a reason for unhealthy indoor environment and can provoke allergies and more.

So, a perfectly sanitised and cleaned property is what we can guarantee we will achieve just for a few hours and while minimising the disruption to the business operations. We won’t neglect a single nook and corner, we will sanitise every square meter to perfection and we will pay special attention to problem areas and stubborn stains. In addition, we will make that with extra caution, so when we remove the stains and dirt effectively, we won’t cause damages, discolouration, etc. Office Cleaners Direct’s post-construction service is the easiest way to achieve the look and sparkling clean indoor environment you are dreaming of in just a few hours and at very reasonable price. Be sure to contact us and let’s discuss your own project in Kingston!